AB PAINTS is one of the leading paints distributor located in Thachottukavu, Malayankeezhu, Thiruvananthapuram. Pioneered in selling wide range paints from leading manufactures we had come a long way with a humble beginning. We now have the widest range of painting products. With excellent track record and product quality, we hope to peruse excellence in customer satisfaction, while maintaining strong ethical standards. The performance of AB PAINTS since its inception has been nothing short of a miracle. Our growth has been exceptional and in a very short time AB PAINTS developed a robust network of loyal Customers. Our excellent sales record is a testimony to our fine sales team. Our reliability, product quality, supply schedule and above all our business ethics have helped us gain the complete trust of our dealers. We provide you with a fair, competitive price and deliver it in a timely manner. We encourage you to contact us and let our friendly, courteous staff answer your questions.



All Types Of Interior Paints

Select from a vast range of wall paints that suit your budget and requirements for your home and commercial spaces. Pick from a large variety of textures available for different conditions and give your wall the perfect look. Get the right assistance for all your painting needs

Premium & Super Premium Exterior Emulsions

All types of Wall Paints , Wall Textures,Anti Bacterial Paints Available at best prices. Adding color to your home with us is an experience of extreme comfort and variety. We help you reach out to that evasive color choice that is perfect for the home of your dreams.Find everything you need to make your home reflect who you are.Now getting your walls painted meticulously just the way they were meant to be is super easy and stress free. Just give us a call

Wood Paints

Different types of wood are used to create different types of furniture. From Natural wood like Seesham, Mahogany, Oak to engineered wood like MDF & Plywood, each can be used differently to develop the perfect furniture wood finish piece to add to your wood decor. Wood finishes has been a part of our homes for generations. We help you choose the right wood finish for your furniture and for your home.

Premium Enamels

Enamel is a solvent based finish for interiors that is washable and offers clean shades and excellent gloss at the most affordable rates. Let your household surfaces like wood and metal look fresh and new for longer than expected. Choose from a wide variety of colours for unmatched decoration and protection of wood and metal surfaces.

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